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MISS NUDE Europa 2003

This year it is 8 years since Scandinavian Showcenter started the Miss Nude Europe competition.

They competete to find the most beautiful naked girl.
There isn´t any other nude competitions in East or West Europe where everybody can compete against each other.

In 1997 there were 13 beautiful girls from Romania, Italia, Sweden, Czecholovakia and Denmark.
1997 Larisha was the winner.
The year after in 1998 Tez won the title Miss Nude.
In 1999 there was no doubt that the title should go to Miss Diana Larsen.,
she also became Miss Elegant in Miss Europe (Italy 1999).
Year 2000 was a close race between 1-3 prize they were
all unbelievable beautiful, no 1 was Brina.
Year 2001 the 18 year old Maria Cecilie won, she was also the youngest one in the competition.
Year 2002 Maria Cecilie again won the title ”The most beautiful girl”
Is she going to compete again this year, find out whom is going to be Miss Nude 2003.

See it in........
Friday Oktober 3. at 8 pm. (20:00).

Scandinavian Showcenter is behind the idea and arrangement of Miss Nude.
The one who wins, will definitely get the interest of the press , 5000 dk kr cash from Scandinavian Showcenter, and a trofee as a memory. 2nd prize gets 2000dk kr and 3rd prize 1000dk kr.
All girls are free to compete. All nationalities are welcome.
We expect more than 5000 spectators to this beautiful competition.
The show last year was fully booked, so if you want to compete or know anybody, please sign up now - call us at 0045-38791077 or mail: scanshow@email.dk
We look forward to seeing all of you.

information: www.stripshow.dk

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